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A consistent programming schedule can be key to keeping your audience happy (while skirting away from any feelings of burning out), but you know the best in what you are capable of. All it takes is getting by with a little help from your friends. Let’s see how so.

The Next Steps


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As we dive into Part 3 of this series, you’ve woven your way with the endpoints of influencer marketing: the brand and the creator. It’s the engagement between the two that makes the magic happen, and that is the agency. …

Dude Perfect (YouTubers)
Image: Dude Perfect (Guinness World Records)

Welcome to Part 2 of this series where we delve into the POVs in influencer marketing. In Part 1, we looked into the brand’s perspective in effectively getting an influencer to sell your product to their audience. You can check out Part 1 here.

Moving forward, the creative comes from…

YouTube brand over eyes
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To influence or be influenced? That is the question.

Everyone’s an influencer one way or another. We influence decisions based on what to eat from the fridge, what show to watch, and whether that sweatshirt will keep us warm on a cold day. Take that perspective into influencing a creator…

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Football. Futbol. Soccer. Sokker. Calcio. Pediludium.

The fascinating sport of foot and ball captures billions, and it is heading toward redefining its fandom in esports. With many soccer players having to stay and train at home (such as Ronaldo training with his twins), the esports avenue is not to be…

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Last night, the NFL Virtual Draft happened with less of the glamor and the pizzazz. But, it was a spectacle. Families were cheering next to their son being chosen to play in the NFL as if it were being chosen as the next tribute in The Hunger Games. It was…

(This article was published on April 9th.)

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NBA players are back at it on the court. Well, the virtual court. Playing through the “NBA 2K Players Tournament”, we’re looking at an exciting way to hear the players trash-talk each other and play as themselves (if they’d like) against other players…

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I’m in the driver’s seat of a Formula 1 car in the middle of the grid. The engines are revving. My hands are shaking. I’m not ready to face the amount of G’s. And then, the countdown starts. 3, 2, 1, and it’s lights out! Suddenly, I’m clamped onto the…

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These past few months have been tumultuous in the physical world, to say the least. The virtual world, however, is gaining greater strength. Isolation has forced people to search for leisure and entertainment. People are going to be looking at screens more than ever. …

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